Permits and Contracts with the Government of Panama

If you or your company are interested in obtaining permits and contracts with the Government of Panama our team of professionals will advise and guide you through each process.

  • Updates on Panama Buy
  • Consultancy
  • Review of Statement of Charges
  • Proposal Review
  • Drafting of Consortium Contracts
  • Challenge Remedies
  • Claim Actions
  • Getting the Right Professionals
  • We provide the necessary advice and process the management of accounts receivable with the State.
  • Previous Favourable Report
  • Night Leave
  • Temporary Overnight Leave
  • Fumigators
  • Use of Public Space
  • Challenge Remedies
  • Mobile Sound and Audio Service
  • Annual Permit for Pyrotechnics
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Earthwork Permit
  • And others.

Tell us your story, we are ready to advise you.

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