Sanitary Registrations

In Panama there are three governmental entities involved in the granting of Sanitary Registrations. These are the Ministry of Health (decrees and resolutions), the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), and the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA).

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  • Sanitary Operating Permit

  • Key of AUPSA as a company

  • Sanitary registration of medicines, cosmetics, food, liquors, veterinary products and cleaning products.

  • Renewal of sanitary registrations

  • Transfer

  • Product name, label or formula modification

  • Change of owner’s name

  • Sanitary Operating License (Class A, B, C and E)

  • Request for label approval

  • Manufacturer Change

  • Identification or determination of the generic name of the product

  • Withdrawal

Types of Records

Drug Registration

Cosmetic Registration

Food Registration

Liquor Registration

Registration of veterinary products

Registration of cleaning products

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