Establish an Agile Strategy

We help you establish a strategy that is adaptable to changes and leads to action. Enough of having a Vision and Mission as something nice for your website, let’s move on to execution!

Defined and replicable methodology.

Qué proponemos:
  • Environment assessment: We implement tools to evaluate the different forces that affect the company.
  • Approach to business strategy: We establish the minimum viable strategy, which will be the north point for the rest of the organization.

  • Company commitment: We involve all members of the company through OKR’s.

  • Establish actions: The different projects to be executed within a short viable time are established.

  • Evaluate what has been learned: Evaluation methodologies are established at the end of the cycle, of the fulfillment of the objectives.

  • Replicate the cycle: We establish an iterative cycle.

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We Manage Your Projects

The success of the projects is based on their management. Using the methodology established in the PMI PMBOK, we seek efficiency in the development of projects. Establishing requirements, keeping time, controlling quality, controlling costs, among others, we ensure that projects are executed optimally.

What we propose:
  • Project Management with PMI methodology: Using techniques established by the Project Management Institute, through the project life cycle and its 10 areas of knowledge, we ensure compliance with the deliverables based on the client’s requirements, within the time and schedule. established costs.

Reduce Costs Through Processes

Are your processes Lean, efficient, without waste? Can you measure the quality of your processes? Do you know if your processes comply with the Quality that is Critical for your Client? Let us help you. We evaluate and design processes through the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

What we propose:
  • Improvement Projects: We develop projects to improve your processes through the Lean Six Sigma methodology. DMAIC or DMADV. Eliminating waste, downtime, inventory management (just in time), among others, reducing costs for the company.

  • We Control Quality: We establish measurement points and implement control charts to measure whether the process is within the established quality parameters.

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