Short-stay visa as an athlete

Foreigners participating in sporting activities and competitions on national territory

This visa has a renewable duration of one year.

  1. Power of Attorney and Application (notarized).
  2. Three (3) photographs.
  3. Copy of the passport (Notary or corresponding Aut.).
  4. Certificate of Criminal Record.
  5. Health Certificate.
  6. Certified Check for B/.250.00 in favor of the National Treasury.
  7. Certified Check for B/.800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service.
  8. Personal Background Affidavit Form.
  9. Copy of the legal status of the sports club, sports association, sports federation or body responsible for the contract.
  10. Affiliation or notice of entry to the Social Security Fund and copy of ID card.
  11. Letter of representation of the sports activities developed by the employer or contractor.
  12. Contract signed between the employer or contractor and the professional athlete, duly authenticated, stating the sporting activity to be performed, the period of stay, distinguishing the training period if any, the amount of the contract, the athlete’s residence in the country and the general conditions of participation of the athlete within the sports team or competition.
  13. Proof of status as a professional sportsperson by means of a letter of introduction, letter of reference or certification issued by sports or cultural authorities or associations.

To apply for the extension, the above requirements must be submitted with the exception of the Criminal Record Certificate and checks.

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