Specific countries that maintain friendly, professional, economic and investment relations with the republic of panama

This permit has its title because Panama has an agreement with a list of 50 countries with economic, professional and friendship ties with the Republic of Panama that could opt to become permanent residents in a very fast way. This permit is in force since 2012 by Presidential Decree number 343.

It grants the foreigner who belongs to these countries a permanent residence with a Panamanian identity card.

It is very important that the foreigner does not extend his trips outside the Republic of Panama for more than two years to avoid losing the right to permanent residence.

  • Power of attorney and application (notarized).
  • Three (3) photographs.
  • Copy of the passport duly checked (notary or corresponding authority).
  • Certificate of criminal record.
  • Health certificate.
  • Certified check for us$ 250.00 in favor of the national treasury.
  • Certified check for us$ 800.00 in favor of the national migration service.
  • Personal History Affidavit Form.
  • Document that proves the purpose for establishing your residence (economic or professional activity to be carried out).
  • Copy of the identity card or ID from your country.
  • In case of dependents:
  • Letter of responsibility.
  • Proof of relationship.
  • Proof of address.
  • Over 18 years of age to present a certificate of bachelorhood and certified studies.
  • Bank certificate or bank statement for the last month showing a balance of not less than four figures or other proof of income acceptable to the national migration service.

You must come to the Republic of Panama at least three times:

  1. The first time, 10 working days or the equivalent of two weeks. during this visit we will register your passport and open your personal bank account. we will then proceed to submit the application, take your passport photo and obtain your multiple entry/exit permit (if you plan to travel out of the country while the application is being approved).
  2. Notification of approved residence permit and taking of permanent resident’s immigration card photograph.
  3. Photograph of your E. card.

We can modify the times of your process if necessary.

To satisfy this point, the applicant must demonstrate that he/she has at least $5,000 US dollars in a Panamanian bank account and an additional $2,000 US dollars for each dependent, if any. If financial solvency is not evident, approval will be subject to the judgment and discretion of the immigration officer.

List of Friendly Countries

Germany Liechtenstein
Andorra Lithuania
Argentina Luxembourg
Australia Malta
Austria Monaco
Belgium Marino
Brazil Mexico
Canada Montenegro
Chile New Zealand
South Korea Norway
Costa Rica Netherlands
Croatia Paraguay
Cyprus Poland
Denmark Portugal
United States Of America Czech Republic
Slovakia Serbia
Finland Singapore
France South Africa
Greece Sweden
Hong Kong Switzerland
Hungary Taiwan
Ireland Uruguay
Israel United Kingdom.
Japan Latvia

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