Residence permit for married nationals

Foreigner who has married a Panamanian national and who lives with him/her under conditions of singularity, stability and continuity.

After the expiry of the two-year period of the provisional permit, the foreigner may apply for permanent residence.


  1. Power of Attorney and Application.
  2. Three (3) photographs.
  3. Copy of the passport duly collated.
  4. Certificate of Criminal Record.
  5. Health Certificate.
  6. Certified Check for US$ 250.00 in favor of the National Treasury.
  7. Personal Background Affidavit Form.
  8. Marriage Certificate issued by the Civil Registry.
  9. Birth Certificate of the Panamanian Spouse, issued by the Civil Registry.
  10. Birth Certificate of the children, if any, issued by the Civil Registry.
  11. Copy of the valid identity card of the Panamanian spouse, authenticated by the Civil Registry.
  12. Notarized letter of responsibility of the Panamanian spouse.
  13. Document proving marital domicile (utility bill or lease or any other document that proves it).

The Multiple Return Visa is optional only if you are going to travel within the next six (6) months, equivalent to the duration of your processing card. This is a stamp that is stamped in your passport once you have your 6 month provisional card while the process is reviewed by immigration. After the photograph of the carnet the passport must go to Immigration for 72 hours for the stamping. If you travel with your 6 month provisional passport card and you do not have this stamp in your passport you may incur a fine of USD 2,000.00 when you re-enter the country.


  1. Power of attorney and application by attorney, original and copy, notarized or presented in person by the principal.
  2. Marriage certificate in original. Two months valid (3.00) stamps.
  3. Birth certificate of the Panamanian spouse, in original.
  4. Birth certificate of the children, if any, in originals.
  5. Certificate issued by the National Immigration and Naturalization Service stating the immigration status of the applicant.
  6. Legible photocopy of the personal identity card of the Panamanian spouse, authenticated by the National Identification Office.
  7. Legible photocopy of the migration and naturalization card or legible photocopy of the applicant’s personal identification card if he/she is carrying it, authenticated by the Dirección Nacional de Cedulación.
  8. Legible photocopy of the passport, in the part where the general data of the applicant is stated, in force.
  9. Four (4) passport size photos with the applicant’s name written on the back.
  10. For extension does not require to present the documents of numeral C, D, F, G and H.

Note: It is granted for a term of two (2) years the first time and is renewed for a term of three (3) years, renewable for the same term.

Process times

This process can take 2 to 5 months to be approved from submission.

Process Times

You must come to the Republic of Panama at least three times:

  • The first visit, 10 working days or the equivalent of two weeks. At this visit we register your passport and open your personal bank account. We will then proceed to submit the application, take your passport photo and obtain your multiple entry/exit permit (if you plan to travel out of the country while the application is being approved).

  • Second visit, Notification of Approved Residence Permit and taking of permanent resident card photograph.

We can modify the times of your process if necessary.

This permit is valid for two (2) years, upon expiration of the term, you must renew the permit to apply for your Permanent Residency and cedula E.

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