Professional Visa

The professional foreigner may apply for this permit, as long as such profession is not limited by the careers restricted by the Republic of Panama.

In Panama there are 25 careers that cannot be practiced by foreigners, unless they have a special permit.

In case you maintain a profession that is not in the following list, you may proceed to make the appropriate Homologation or Revalidation at the University of Panama or the Technological University to apply for the immigration process.

Profesiones Restringidas

Nursing Act 1 of 1954 Barbering and cosmetology Law 4 of 1956
Dentistry Act 22 of 1956 Engineering and Architecture Law 15 of 1959
Agricultural sciences Law 22 of 1961 Pharmacy Law 24 of 1963
Chiropractors Decree 8 of 1967 Nutrition Decree 362 of 1969
Medicine Decree 196 of 1970 Psychology Law 56 of 1975
Medical Assistant Decree 32 of 1975 Accounting Law 57 of 1978
Journalism Law 67 of 1978 Laboratorians Law 74 of 1978
Public Relations Law 37 of 1980 Phonoaudiology, therapists and the like Law 34 of 1980
Economy Law 7 of 1981 Social Work Law 17 of 1981
Veterinary Medicine Law 3 of 1983 Physiotherapy Law 47 of 1984
Medical Radiology Law 42 of 1980 Law Law 9 of 1984
Dental Assistant Law 21 of 1994 Sociology Law 1 of 1996
Chemistry Law 45 of 2001 Engineering: Civil, Chemical and Forestry.
Education in the following subjects: History, Geography and Civics (The rest of the mentions are allowed). Law 47 of 2946

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